Shop Keeper Insurance Package

The shopkeeper insurance policy is specifically designed to safeguard your shop from thefts, robberies and cover all the risks and contingencies faced by small or medium-sized shop owners. It provides protection for the property and the interests of the insured (and their partners) in the business venture. It gives a great amount of protection for the property, insured and partners in shop. The value of insurance is decided based upon the value of the shop, contents of the shop and the estimated cost of rebuilding it.

Office Package

Apart from standard insurance cover for office property it needs protection from a gamut of other hazards and uncertainties. An individual invests a lot of money and time towards building their business. In such situation it is prudent to buy an office package that protects the physical property of a building (the contents and equipment), the building itself (or the leasehold improvements). Such step would help continuing your business functioning smoothly.

Hotel Package Insurance

India has a booming hospitality sector. There is a lot of money being invested in the hotel industry. The hotel insurance package provides a tailor made cover designed to suit the specifics of a hotel industry. This policy covers fire, burglary and accidental damages to cover the building, office equipment and other valuables. It also covers losses resulting from the interruption of functions caused by perils. Electrical and mechanical breakdowns of office appliances like air conditioners, photocopiers, water filter, refrigerators, computer, and other portable devices etc. is also covered. Loss of money or goods caused by fraud or dishonesty of employees is also a part of this scheme. This package covers almost any kind of damage that hotel industry may face under unforeseen circumstances.

Jeweller's Block Insurance

Jeweller's block insurance is a comprehensive risk policy that covers interest of Jeweller's and establishments dealing with diamonds. The coverage plan protects against loss or damage to an item in the stock of retailers, manufacturers, distributors and pawnbrokers. It provides protection in case of theft and burglary in addition to the usual risks such as fire. Coverage can also be accessed for valuable items that are in transit, be it from a manufacturer or in the possession of a salesrepresentative and whether it is an individual item or an entire collection.

Commercial Package Policy

Small and medium enterprises are under constant threat due to the losses they may suffer under accidents. The damages could be due toman made calamities such as burglaries or employee dishonesty or due to natural calamities such as floods, earthquake etc. Even a small disruption in your business may cause major loss to your business. Commercial package policy provides coverage for protection against potential losses through unforeseen circumstances like theft, liability, property damage, and for coverage in the event of an interruption of business or injured employees.