HIREN VORA has started his career with New India Assurance 38 years ago. Served the company in various capacities and finally as Sr Branch Manager at Ahmedabad before joining start up post privatization with Bajaj Allianz in 2001 as one of founder members.

Soon Started making presence felt in the market with innovation, service and relationship management. Focused on grooming staff and intermediaries, rose to level of State head, Zonal Manager and finally Chief Distribution officer (CDO) at Bajaj Allianz HO Pune.

During his tenure with Bajaj Allianz, he was involved in setting high standard of Services for which company is know, part of top management committee, also part of product development committee and grooming of new generation insurance professional.



ASHISH SONI is one of few who have entered the field of Insurance post liberalization / privatization as an entrepreneur who had no baggage to carry about Dos and Don’ts, neither familiar with jargons.

In short time, reached the position and level, which many did not reach despite they being 2nd generation in this profession. He is member of Top Club of intermediaries of various Insurance companies. Service reached a level where clients started referring him to others.

Unlike many, focused on manpower and their training and grooming. Over a period with his innovation and adopting changing technology and market conditions, he has set right excellent back office, claims management and very few organizations in insurance intermediaries having ISO 9000 certifications.



URVI SHUKLA is from a family with an insurance background and she is third generation with such family business. She pursued her studies with the ultimate goal of joining this industry once she is done with her studies. She is Post Graduate in Commerce, Graduate in Law and also Post Graduate Diploma holder for Banking and Insurance from reputed Business Management school, Ahmedabad. She got strong technical support from her family who served industry for more than 5 decades.