Mr. Ashish Soni is a very professional and committed individual. In an era were clients are fooled in the name of insurance Ashish stands out for his work ethics and standards. Initially I was hesitating in buying insurance and had reservations about how appropriate the advice of Troth Insurance financial counselor would be. It was only after the financial counseling session by Troth Insurance I realized that my reservation and doubts were unfounded. After the session I had complete knowledge about the product I was buying and had awareness about the insurance industry as well. I would highly recommend that people must buy sufficient insurance cover as per the need of an individual. I bought life insurance policy through Troth Insurance and I am quite satisfied by their services and at peace because my family is now protected.

Life Insurance

I got introduced to Mr Ashish Soni through my circle of friends. He initial mentioned about insurance in a causal discussion. It was after a brain storming session with him that I got to know that apart from life and general insurance there are insurance policies available for various small and big risks that a company or business may face in the future. It was after our meeting that I asked for an appointment with Troth Insurance team to discuss my business and the policies that I would subscribe to a better well being of my family and employees which I consider as an extended family. Since then Troth Insurance has been managing the insurance portfolio of my company and personal insurance. I have recommended Troth Insurance services to many people in my circle.

Life Insurance and Corporate Plan

Troth Insurance is a trustworthy organization and has impeccable services. Troth Insurance makes the process of dealing with insurance claims very easy and smooth. The most dreadful part in the process is claims and reimbursement. It was because of Troth Insurance that the process was smooth for me at the time when I was hospitalized. If it was not because of Troth Insurance it would have been a big struggle and painful process for my family to get reimbursements for my hospital bills. I recommend their service to all my family and friends because I wish for their well being. Their sole motto is to provide what is best for their clients. Their team is very courteous and is prompt with their response in case of query. I wish all the best to team Troth Insurance. I wish they grow more and more in the future.